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Luxcare Pharmacy

Address: 2503 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49015, United States
Phone: (269) 883-9900
Rating: 4.7

What an awesome group of people!! Super down to earth and nicer than you could ever ask for!! They are super friendly and super fast/efficient!! Luxcare Pharmacy – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!

Normally I am very satisfied with the service, but I have encountered a few things that have made me very upset. Every incident that has made me upset involve the same man. I didn’t catch his name, but he is an older white man and has a terrible attitude and treats people so horribly. The first time I noticed something was when he was by the drop off section. There were two Asian ladies trying to get a prescription filled, and he was so rude he made the older lady cry. He told them he couldn’t understand a word they were saying and speaking better English then started talking very very slowly like he was making fun of them. The ladies were very patient but visibly upset at the way this man treated them, and they eventually had enough and walked away. I don’t know if they were able to even get their prescriptions. The second encounter was him on the phone talking in the same condescending tone to someone and rudely told her to hold because again “he couldn’t understand a damn thing the old woman was talking about” and told someone else to “deal with her because he won’t” and continued to complain about customers. Lastly was against me. He was poorly explaining something, and when I asked him a question to try to clarify what I thought he was saying, he rolled his eyes and sighed then started talking to me very very slowly like he was implying I had a learning disability. I had two other people with me who’s jaws dropped from the way he spoke to me. I have never been spoken to like that before from an employee of the Pharmacy. The way he treats people is completely unacceptable, especially people who need important medications and would rather just walk away without them than put up with his rudeness. I hope some sort of action will be taken, so no one has to choose between being humiliated to get their medication or to just go without them.

HomeTown Pharmacy

Address: 15483 S Dixie Hwy, Monroe, MI 48161, United States
Phone: (734) 243-5656
Rating: 4.3

Was very excited about the exceptional service. HomeTown Pharmacy Pharmacist (Bradley) with professional care given. I am on Medicare with blue advantage insurance, and they were a preferred pharmacy to my surprise. They do not have a drive-through, but they have a free delivery service.

Very poor customer service called for almost an hour finally called the front of the store and transferred to pharmacy they put me on hold for over 20 minutes then picked the call back up and hung up with saying a word. Called back to the front asked for a manager and ask if she could find out if my medicine was ready and could get another refilled. She flat out refused and threatened to wig out on me.

ViaQX Pharmacy

Rating: 4.5

After dealing with Walgreens for years and having very terrible experiences at every location, was recommended to us by my son’s doctor. The very first time we filled a prescription here, we knew we would never switch pharmacies again. We deal with a lot of different medicines that need to be authorized and/or specially ordered. We’ve never had a problem getting them here. The staff has never been impatient with us. It seems like a very family-oriented business. We are switching our entire family to this pharmacy simply because they are courteous and always on time.

This is a full-service pharmacy with lots of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals supplements to choose from. The pharmacist was very knowledgeable and was able to help me find a multivitamin amino supplement that will help with an issue that I need to be fixed. The staff is friendly, the store is clean, and they fill your prescriptions on a very timely schedule.

Clark Professional Pharmacy

Address: 3280 Washtenaw Ave B, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, United States
Phone: (734) 369-8782
Rating: 4.8

They think they are doctors, and if you have a prescription by a doctor and they don’t think it should be filled they will not feel it somebody needs to let them know that doctors are smarter than them and that they should fill the prescriptions the doctors tell them to their very uppity and think they know it.

Clark Professional Pharmacy is a good pharmacy, it’s smaller so there may not be specific items you might be looking for, but good for basic shopping. Their produce is fresh, and the staff is friendly. This is a standard, good pharmacy.