Stupid or Not?
Driving with your foot out the window.

by Bridget Johns

My friend recently called me up and asked a question I’ve never heard before. “Is it legal to drive with your foot out the window?” Caught off guard, I stammered, “Uh…um…well, I don’t think it’s illegal.”

My gut reaction paralleled my friend’s assessment that it’s dangerous to drive with a footout the window. It seems like it would limit vehicle control. Especially in an emergency. And it looks stupid. Only idiots drive this way, as referenced by numerous YouTube videos (search Driving With Foot Out Window and watch a few – ha ha ha).

And after the manner of said idiots, I tried it out this afternoon. I live in a rural area with very few cars around…pretty much the perfect place for such an experiment. I drove to the grocery store, which is about ten minutes in each direction. And, now that I’m in the know (20 minutes worth), I’d like to share my experience with you.
Is it comfortable? Yes! I really like sensation of the breeze going through my toes. It also feels nice to use your leg as an arm rest. There’s a little notch for my elbow below my knee. Arriving at my destination, my muscles were slightly sore having been in an unusual sitting position. I walked it off in the produce section at the market.
Is it physically awkward? Pick your vehicle carefully. I’m 5’7″ and flexible. My foot just wasn’t going to go out the window of my SUV. However, I was successful in my small car. It’s surprisingly not that awkward…though I need my hands to pull my leg to the window once I’m seated in the car. So that part is a little awkward.
How’s vehicle control? Surprisingly, it’s pretty good. I didn’t have any issues driving around curves, making right or left turns, and lane changing. The only issue I had was checking my blind spots. I didn’t have my usual full range of motion on head checks. Although I adjusted for that easily enough.
Is it dangerous? I didn’t test handling or control during for emergency procedures or evasive actions because, well, I was on a public road. It’s something to think about for a closed course, though.
If you are flexible and an experienced driver, you would probably be fine if you want to try driving with your foot out the window. But it’s probably safer to test it as a passenger…because even with the wind between my toes, it’s still most comfortable having two feet on the floor.
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