Founded in 1959, A&A Driving School has evaluated and trained more than 50,000 drivers. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the needs of each individual. We believe in “Promoting Motor Safety and Mobility™.”

Thank you for your interest in the Drivers Rehabilitation Center of Michigan/A&A Driving School. We appreciate the opportunity to provide clients with our evaluation and training programs.

Most driving schools strictly focus on teaching a new driver the skills required to pass a third party road test. However, at A&A, we do much more. Our rehabilitation program is unique, due to the extensive training our staff members have received. We are the only local facility to have five ADED certified evaluators and trainers on staff. To earn ADED certification, one must be a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist for five years and pass a rigorous written examination. Our staff members attend conferences throughout the year to maintain ADED certification.

During an evaluation, the client is being observed strictly from a medical viewpoint to see if they can handle the complicated driving task in a safe manner. In some instances, we may need to recommend the proper adaptive equipment. Our facility can assist the client with registering the adaptive equipment through the Driver Assessment Bureau in the state of Michigan. We will provide detailed written reports for both the clinical and behind-the-wheel portion of the evaluation.

We are proud of our professional staff, as their credentials speak to the quality of this service-oriented program.